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"Proshow Gold - v.3"

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It produces very good slideshows WHEN IT WORKS. The software is very picky about which other software on your computer it will work with. I have used this program for a couple of years now and on each upgrade (which occur very frequently) I have had to disable various programs which the previous version worked quite happily with. I am currently wrestling with (the latest) version V3 Build 1991 which stubbornly will not open on my computer despite the previous version Build 1974 which I used behaving itself - getting Build 1974 to work is a story in itself. Build 1974, when reinstalled, threw a wobbly or two before I got some semblence of sense out of it. When installed on a clean computer without any internet protection installed it is superb, but how many of us can afford standalone kit.

  • Damn good slideshow produced
  • An awful lot of trouble to get it working in the first instance.

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15 Sep 2007

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